March 18, 2008

You Will Be Redirected to the New FLUSH TV Web Site

Hi FLUSH TV Fans, FLUSH TV has a new home, and you will be re-directed there momentarily! If you're not CLICK HERE.

Our new Web site has lots of cool features, in addition to our videos -- so please check it out. And note, we will no longer be posting new content to this site. Thanks and keep watching!

March 10, 2008

Episode #2: Plumbing Do's & Don'ts (a customer's perspective)

(RT: 5:30) Plumbers listen up! Now's your chance to find out what your beloved customers like about you (and mostly don't like).

Music by: Kevin Attra

January 07, 2008

Outtakes: Hodding Carter & the TOTO Washlet

(RT: 2:30) Hey, not every good scene can make final cut. When Hodding first met Jasmin it was love at first sight; Helen Carter questions her father's plumbing abilities; and FLUSH TV producer Chris Joy gets on the hot seat.

Music by: American Baroque

December 21, 2007

Season 2 Premiere: Hodding Carter & the TOTO Washlet (a love story)

(RT: 5:30) She's got all the right curves and amazing moves. She's the woman of author Hodding Carter's dreams. She just happens to be ... a toilet.

Music by: Lisa Cornelio;

May 31, 2007

Episode 10: The Break In (Part 2)

(RT: 7:45) In the Season 1 Finale, Levine & Sons find out the only thing worse than a bad break in ... is a second one.

Music by: The Bottle Rockets; Bloodshot Records

February 27, 2007

Episode 9: The Break In (Part 1)

(RT: 5:00) A sunny Sunday goes sour when the Levines discover they've been broken into.

Music by: The Bottle Rockets; Bloodshot Records

January 29, 2007

Sneak Peek of Episode 9: The Break In

More fun to come soon ...

December 14, 2006

October 30, 2006

Episode 7: The Highs and Lows (of the Water Jetter)

(RT: 7:43) A tribute episode to the Detroit Tigers ALCS win. Jim's beloved water jetter gets stuck.

Music by: Howard Fishman

Episode Glossary: Warthog Sewer Nozzle Cuts Sand, Sludge, Silt, Coffee Grinds, Grease, Roots Clogs, Cutting Heads, Root Rat, 4" Four Inch Opening 6" Six Inch Clay Pipe, Sanitary Sewer Line, Ridgid SeeSnake Camera, Ridgid Camera Monitor, Self-Leveling Color Video Camera, Standing Water, Plumbing Locating, Ridgid Pipe Line Locators, Navitrack I & Navitrack Scout, Hung Jetter Line, Stuck Water Jetter

September 30, 2006

Episode 6: Super Flying Plumber Guy (The Mind Behind the Legend)

(RT: 5:34) The only thing harder than being a plumbing superhero is being the mastermind behind a plumbing superhero.

Music by: David Lasala; Nina Soka

August 23, 2006

Episode 5: Plumber Not Included

(RT: 6:50) An inside peek at Peaks Island, Maine, where the livin' is easy, but the plumbing ain't.

Music by: Ronda Dale; Kevin Attra

July 18, 2006

Episode 4: What Not to Flush (Five Lessons to Live By)

(RT: 5:04) Everyone knows you can't flush a cell phone down the toilet ... or do they?

Music by: Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys; Bloodshot Records

Episode Glossary: Toilet Clogs, Blockages, Stoppage, Flushing, Charmin Ultra, Single-Ply vs. Double Ply, Courtesy Flush, Sewer Blockage, Water Absorption, Flushing Tampons Down Toilet, Tampax, Plastic Douche Bottle, Condoms Flushed Down Toilet

June 13, 2006

Episode 3: Conducting the Orchestra

(RT: 5:33) Think it's easy juggling the personalities of the 30+ employees at Levine & Sons? Think again.

Music by: The Detroit Cobras; Bloodshot Records

May 13, 2006

Episode 2: The Five Passions of Jimmy Levine

(RT: 6:16) Meet Jimmy Levine - master plumber. When it comes to clean trucks, drain cabling, and customer service, Jim’s got some strong opinions. This episode highlights these items and a few others near and dear to Jimmy's heart.

Music by: K.Sparks; David Lasala; Philharmonia Baroque; Angelous; K-Class Music