December 14, 2006

Episode 8: Plumbing Junkie

(RT: 4:25) Meet Tom Levine: plumber, leader, teacher ... addict.

Music by: Truth About Daisies


Anonymous said...

What a great episode...This guy truly reminds me of my father. A Plumber's Plumber.

Anonymous said...

Keep on plumbin', my friend!!!!! Keep on plumbin'!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love your vlog. Great stuff! I've been a plumber myself for 26 years. I was taught the trade by my grandfather, who owned his own business for more than 50 years and practiced the trade for 65 years. He worked long hard hours up until the week before he died at the age of 87.

Tom struck a chord with me when he said: "A plumber protects the health of the nation". My grandfather had that quote on a painting that hung in his office for more years than I've been alive. He would repeat this to me over and over in hopes of instilling a responsibility in me not only my trade, but to my customers as well. The quality of my work and adhearence to the code "will make" a difference in the lives of others and he was right.

I've watched all your vlogs and it's clear to me, Tom and his sons have integrity. They are "True" to their trade, thus their fellow man. That's what makes them admirable. They are clearly not only good plumbers, but are good people as well. They provide a true service to their community.

I hope you keep adding to the blog as I'm looking forward to more episodes. I've turned my fellow employees on to your web site and they enjoy it as well.

I only hope that someday, Tom will enjoy the reward of recognition for all his hard work and service to others. But I'm sure his greatest reward will be seeing his sons not only carry on in the trade that he's taught them, but to practice that trade with the values and ideals he has lived by and has stood by throughout his many years of success.

Best Regards,
A fellow plumber. aka The Urban Reporter said...

nice vblog. i love the way you customized the site. I need to learn html. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

What fun! It's actually a moving human portrait, sweet, warm, inspiring. Good work!

Anonymous said...

lol,so nice

Anonymous said...

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